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Mothers’ Union

On Wednesday 27th November, our speaker was Vic Heaney. He showed us slides and a video called Talk the Walk and 17 attended.
On Wednesday 11th December, thirty-two members and friends including some men, had our Christmas meal at the North Euston Hotel Fleetwood. The meal was very good and everyone enjoyed it along with the table prizes and raffle.
Please could we have one or two volunteers to help Christine Alston make coffee for our Corporate Communion on 7th January? The service will be in the Poulton Tennis Clubhouse behind the Vicarage Park Community Centre and so we will need to find out about the cups and heaters for the water.
Our next meeting is our Overseas Meeting on Wednesday 22rd January, when I, June Challis, will talk about ‘English for All.’ There will be a raffle for Worldwide MU and if you have a collection box please bring it in. Barbara Schofield’s and May Waterland’s teams will be our hostesses. They will also make coffee at the February Corporate Communion on Tuesday 4th February at the Poulton Tennis Clubhouse.

We will be collecting our MU Subs of £21 for 2020 as early as possible in January.

The theme for MU prayers for January 2020 is Building hope and confidence- Sure and steadfast hope.

18 We who have fled to God for refuge can have great confidence as we hold to the hope that lies before us. 19 This hope is a strong and trustworthy anchor for our souls. It leads us through the curtain into God’s inner sanctuary.
Hebrews 6:18-19

Faithful God, help us to anchor our lives on you that we may place our confidence in your unfailing word and build hope that endures in those you call us to serve.

Give us grace us to build confidence and hope in those we seek to serve; that they may turn to you and find a place of safety.

God of sure and steadfast hope we look to the future with confidence
as we continue to walk in step with you. Amen
June Challis

Evening Mothers’ Union

We had a lovely evening at our Christmas get together on Tuesday 10th December at Sue Brownbridge’s. This year, the sixteen that attended had learnt not to eat before they came and it was a superb spread of food. We thank Sue for her wonderful hospitality.

Our New Year meal will be at 7.30pm on Tuesday 14th January at Mews Thai Restaurant, 7-8 Chapel Street when we will be able to choose what we want from a banquet. This is ‘a beautiful combination of spring rolls, pork wraps, spare ribs, pork toasties, Thai style dumplings, chicken wings, chicken satay and a selection of four fabulous sauces and vegetarian dishes. I am not certain of the price when going to press but it will be £20 or under for the food. Please contact Dorothy P or Barbara Rowland if you need a lift.
June Challis

Eagle is the name Mothers’ Union Uganda have chosen for their own process of Church and Church mobilisation. This is another local project in Uganda that has inspired the Ugandan MU.

“Where there is unity, God works. Through Eagle we are changing attitudes – developing positive thinking about ourselves and others and using our eyes to see what we already have around us. We really appreciate God so much for Eagle opening our eyes to see what we could not see,” said Ida Basalivwa, volunteer Eagle coordinator and Mothers’ Union member.

Eagle started in 2013 after Mothers’ Union members in the country, through previous projects, recognised that they were not tackling the fundamental issues effecting their communities.

This included:
• Issues such as witchcraft, domestic violence, unemployment, drug abuse
• People growing drugs instead of food crops
• Food poverty
• High levels of illiteracy, gender inequality and early pregnancy.

The programme has already exceeded expectations; since its inception. It has benefitted over 2,700 group members, 5,000+ household members and over 6,000 community members. This means that in total it has helped over 14,000 people throughout Uganda. Eagle has improved their lives in the following ways:

• Their relationships with God, with others and with the environment are better
• Developing better use of local resources for example, cultivating church land, improving community infrastructure and securing government support for their initiatives
• Improved livelihoods, with people using their land effectively, leading to more and better quality food and increased income. This has led to families being able to send their children to school.
• Improved health and sanitation, including building and using latrines, providing access to safe water and greater attendance of government HIV and cancer testing.
• Demonstrable evidence that women have an increased share in decision making and greater responsibility thus leading to decreased incidence of domestic violence.

Challenges remain. Some participants. often those who need Eagle the most, find it hard to participate fully as they cannot read or write so facilitators are working hard to make it easier for people from all backgrounds to participate.
June Challis

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