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22 members attended the talk about a ‘Hug in a Bag by Debbie Marr and Jacqueline Rhodes on Wednesday 27th June. The work they had done was inspiring and at least one of our members had received a bag from them.

The afternoon group combined with the evening group for an outing on 10th July. See below.

We congratulate Dorothy and Gerry Smith on their Blue Sapphire 65th Wedding Anniversary in July.
We are now in the season of holidays and I hope you all have a well earned rest.
At our Opening Service on Wednesday 26th September at 2pm, we will be at St Chad’s Church and will stay there for our tea and cake.

There is a Mary Sumner Service at the Cathedral on Saturday 11th August at 2pm. There is a coach organised by the deanery for those who put their names down to go to the service.

The theme for MU prayers for August is: In Mary Sumner’s footsteps-
Mothers’ Union Growing Global Family
From Christ the whole body, joined and held together by every supporting ligament, grows and builds itself up in love, as each part does its work. Ephesians 4:16

Heavenly Father, we thank you for all the good things you do for us and for building our Mothers’ Union family.

We ask you to keep guiding us and increasing our numbers in all the countries where Mothers’ Union has a presence and those where we are not yet represented.

We ask you to strengthen existing members that they should not tire of serving you but be empowered so that our presence will be felt
and will help our church and communities.

We pray for our Mothers’ Union leadership in all countries and we ask all this through your son Jesus Christ. Amen
Priscilla Mphande, Mothers’ Union Malawi (adapted)

June Challis

Evening Mothers’ Union
On Tuesday 10th July, thirty five women went on an outing to Jacqueline Iddon’s Garden at Bretherton. We welcomed women from the flower club and also some from St Anne’s Singleton. It was a lovely evening starting with a superb afternoon tea and then we split into two groups to visit the gardens, hear about the sculptures and we were also able to buy plants from the nursery which were safely stored in the baggage area of the coach.

Please note that our new meeting place is now in the Over 60s Hall next to Senior’s Fish and Chips on Queensway.

We will start again on a different date to the programme on Tuesday 18th September with a service in the Over 60s Hall followed by drinks snacks and planning.

June Challis

The Mother’s Union produces Hand in Hand booklets which can be given as presents for baptismal families.
Here is one of the suggestions from the booklet

Connect With God’s Love

Our love and care for one another is at the heart of family life. This love, imperfect though it is, has a direct link to God – who is love. Our expressions of love in our families will demonstrate and reflect the nature of God’s love. These are a few ideas for you to try or adapt with your family. They may also inspire further ideas of your own!

1. Make a family collage with pictures or photos of people you love, and special times you’ve shared together. This can be added to as time goes by.

2. Encourage “how much the more” thinking: We love each other – God loves us even more. I’m with my family lots of the time – God is with me all of the time.

3. Experiment with different scents and each suggest what love smells like; what colour is love?

4. Play a game; find objects to represent family members and take it in turns to guess which objects represent which person and why.

5. Make up a special symbol or action to signify your love for each other. If you want, this could include God’s love for you.

6. Tell the story of the lost sheep (Luke 15:1-7) or read it in a good children’s Bible. Read it naming the lost sheep after various family members. Emphasise how much the shepherd loves the sheep; God loves us even more.

7. Play hide and seek; have a special treat when everyone is found.

8. Make cupcakes and decorate them for each other in ways you think they would like. Try decorating a cake to show God’s love.

Pray: Make your family love action or symbol together:
take turns to thank God for something special about each other.

June Challis

  Mothers Union is an International organisation and this link will tell you more about the work they do.

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