Mothers’ Union

25 of us attended our opening service followed by tea and cakes. We thank Martin and also David for accompanying us for the hymns. Twelve of us attended the Service of Thanksgiving at the Cathedral on Saturday 14th October with others from our Deanery when we were told that the Diocese had raised £33.000 towards the new caravan.

Our next meeting is on Wednesday 22nd November at 2pm we will have a Beetle Drive and a raffle. The teams of Jean Manning and Barbara Schofield will be hostesses at our meeting and at Corporate Communion on Tuesday 5th December.

I am collecting for the Christmas lunch which will be at the Savoy Hotel on the promenade on Wednesday 13th December. We will have a coach to take us there and the cost is £18 which MUST be paid by Wednesday November 22nd.

Christ our Lord and Saviour, we draw near to receive from you that we may share the light of life with those we seek to serve through our lives of faithful action. Help us to live in such a way that our words and actions may be one,
and our faith seen to be real. And so may all we say, all we do, and all we are, witness to you and the wonder of your love shown through Jesus Christ our Lord. You are a God of love and mercy, and we praise you, in his name. Amen Nick Fawcett, Prayers for all Seasons; 1998

June Challis

Evening Mothers’ Union

Nineteen people came to our meeting on Tuesday 10th October when Katy Aston talked about It’s the little things in life- seen through the eyes of a microbiologist’. It was a very interesting talk and we learnt a great deal. Our next meeting will be about the Bowland Mountain Rescue and is on Tuesday 14th November at 7.30pm in the cafe in Booths.

June Challis

  Mothers Union is an International organisation and this link will tell you more about the work they do.

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