Carleton St Hilda’s Church of England Primary School

At the end of the Summer Term in July, we said “farewell” to our Year 6 children as they embark on their journey to their chosen high schools. There has been a mixture of feelings within school – sadness, anxiety and uncertainty as the children leave our school family and become part of a larger school family within the high school and contemplate the challenges ahead. There has also been joy, expectation and excitement as they prepare to move on, turn the page in their journey through life and begin a new chapter.

The children have also spent some time reflecting on their time at St Hilda’s. In our Leavers’ Service they shared with us their memories of their first day in Reception and the many good times they have had in school over the years. They also “looked forward” not only to their time at high school but also their aspirations for their futures.

The children had written some prayers which they shared with us at the end of the service.

Here are a couple of examples:

“Dear Father God,

Thank you for all of the changes you challenge us with in life. We know that these changes make us stronger, but please help us and people who are struggling with changes. Help our pre school children on this crucial stage in life where they move on to come to school. Help Year 6 to also step up to high school where even more difficulties await us.
Help us Lord, to follow the right path through these changes and not to find selfishness in our hearts, but courage and determination. Help us to turn to the next chapter and thank you for picking us up when we fall.
In the future, help us to have a hard working attitude and help us to find the key to a successful life. Amen”

“Dear God,

Thank you for showing us the right path and helping us when we feel scared of change. Change opens so many opportunities for us, help us to make the most of these opportunities and especially the new reception children, our new Year 3s and us the new Year 7s. Amen”

We wish all of our Year 6 children every success at high school and in the future.

My thanks for your continued support and prayers

Mrs Heather Wareing


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