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Our Christian Value for this half term has been on the theme of “Trust”. The children have explored, through worship and class activities, what trust means as well as thinking about people who provide us with trust and who we put our trust in.
Our Year 3 children have offered their thoughts:
“I am a mum. You can trust me to take care of you.”
“I am a police officer. You can trust me to keep you safe.”
“I am a mountain rescuer. You can trust me to take you home safely.”
“I am a nurse. You can trust me when you are in hospital.”
“I am a friend. You can trust me to keep your secrets and feelings safe.”
“I am a doctor. You can trust me to get you better when you are ill.”
“I am the queen. You can trust me to be in charge of our country, the army and the Church of England.”
“I am Mr Trump. I am America’s President. You can trust me to keep America safe and help the world.”
“I am Jesus Christ. You can trust me to keep you safe and to love the world.”

Meanwhile, on the sporting front, our fabulous netball team took part in an inter school competition and were successful in getting through to the regional finals. They played well and were overall winners of the regional finals which now means that they will be representing Wyre at the Lancashire School Games to be held at Stanley Park in July.

Our orienteering team have also recently taken part in an inter school orienteering competition. They too were also extremely successful and will be representing our school and the local area in the Lancashire School Games.

This week we have had a cake sale in support of Christian Aid. The sale was organised by our Reception children and their Year 5 buddies. The children have been learning about the work of Christian Aid and the theme of everyone needing a safe place to live. The children have thought about the things children and families would need if they had to leave their homes because of fighting. Matilda said that they needed clinics, dentists and hospitals. Amelia knew that they would need clean water and Florence said that vegetables would be important to keep them healthy. Stanley said “Money from the cake sale will go to Christian Aid to help people with no homes because of wars.”

My thanks for your continued support and prayers
With every blessing
Heather Wareing

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