St Chad’s C E School
Our values that have been the focus of our school life and worship over the last term have been Perseverance and Responsibility. The two have been intrinsically linked as we all realised that is each of us that has the responsibility to persevere and no-one can do it for us. Children’s prayers on the prayer tree have ranged from asking God to help them persevere to get better at rugby, to asking for help to calm down as well as a request for perseverance to face future medical treatment. We feel the responsibility for each child’s well-being and celebrate their achievements in everything, not just the 3 Rs. One child wrote I persevered in my dance lessons and because of that I passed!

Meanwhile Year 3 have learnt all about bees helped by a beekeeper’s visit, Year 2 have been programming their own on screen Superhero cartoons, we have hosted a Phonics evening for 70 nursery staff and childminders and we have watched hen’s eggs hatching in the early years classroom. The children were extremely quiet that week and watched in amazement at how determined the tiny chicks were in pecking their way through the shell and if I lost a member of staff, they could be guaranteed to be found also gazing in wonder!

We finished our term with a week focusing on Holy Hands as part of the Easter Story. The children’s art work is now on display in church and shows different emotions as the Easter week progresses. We finished the week with a lovely service in St Chad’s church, with many parents and friends attending. At this service we also said farewell to Miss Smithey who has been a valuable member of the teaching team here for the last 9½ years. She is moving on to a new career with Blackpool Transport and we wish her the very best for the future.

Thank you again for all your support. Every blessing
Mrs Jan Potter

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