The Chaddeans

As spring starts to become summer The Chaddeans are preparing for their AGM on Monday 19th June at Staining, 7.30pm start. It would be lovely to see as many Chaddeans members there as possible - old and new! We shall have refreshments following the AGM as this will provide a chance to chat about proposed 2017 and 2018 shows.
I am writing this just 2 days before our Singleton Lodge Ladies Night, and surprisingly this year it is not a sell out. I will report next months on how successful the evening has been. Maybe people are waiting for our “Pop-up Café” 1st Saturday in July. As I said last month this will be at Farah's house on Leander Gardens, entrance will be from Hardhorn Road though.

This is her 'swan song' as she is off to teach in Dubai for 2 years starting this September. So hopefully it will only be 'Au revoir' not 'goodbye'. Posters and banners will be displayed to ensure you find the right house nearer the day.

Over the years The Chaddeans have donated a lot of money to the VPCC from both our own funds and via specific fund raising events and it is good to hear that vital work may start soon to make the building safe for public use. You never know, we may be back home soon. We have promised Marcus that we will attempt to still perform one night of future shows in Staining but we are unsure of the practicalities of how this would work at the moment. We have a lot to thank Marcus and the Staining Community Hall committee for, and would like to carry on the friendships and links with Staining if at all possible.

A group of Chaddeans and some friends are off to see BFLOC perform the Dolly Parton musical '9 to 5' on Friday 2nd June. I am sure it will be a great night and we will be able to watch some of our very own members treading the boards at The Grand Theatre. May be there are still some tickets left if you fancy supporting them.

Jean Parkes
Secretary of the Chaddeans

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