Notes from the Vicar

Relighting Replastering and Redecoration

I hope you have had chance to admire the renovation work carried out at the beginning of the year and on view for the first time when the Church reopened for private prayer. I hope that, like me, you are impressed with the quality of the work and share my view that it has enhanced the building and set us up for many years to come.

Reopening of Church for Public Worship

As the Sentinel goes to press the precise arrangements for the resumption of Services have not been finalized. Please look out for the insert provided with this magazine. We will reopen on Sunday July 5th and we are hopeful of maintaining a full pattern of Sunday and midweek services from that date. I am looking forward to that occasion and to experiencing the joy of public worship in our beautiful buildings. I realize many of you will not feel able to join us in the first few weeks and that we will be operating with a number of restrictions but nonetheless I hope that whether you are with us in spirit, or in person, you will share a sense of thanksgiving and celebration.
We are expected to comply with social distancing rules, which does limit the number of people we can safely accommodate. Please show respect for others and follow the signs showing which seats are available for use. I am loathe to try and operate a ticketing system but I would ask parishioners to consider attending a quieter midweek service, or being willing to sit in the gallery if necessary.
The organ will play for Sunday services but there will be no communal singing and our new hymn books will need to remain on the shelf, until the rules are relaxed.

Please note that we may be required to keep a record of those attending services for the purposes of track and trace. Please be prepared to give your contact details upon request. These will be stored for no more than a month and then destroyed.  

All Age Worship
In the current circumstances and with the likely restrictions under which churches will be operating over the next few weeks, or months, we will not be resuming All Age Worship. Children, young people and families remain welcome at all our services, though you are asked to bring your own books, crayons, toys, etc. as we are unable to supply them.
We will review the position in September, including whether Junior Church can resume. Please look out for updates on our Facebook page, our website and future editions of the Sentinel. 

August Sentinel
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