From our Mission Statement:

......Through outreach and pastoral care carry the love and knowledge of the Christ revealed in the Gospels into the wider community.

As a church fellowship we seek to serve:
  •  by way of direct involvement in local initiatives including fundraising,
  •  by informed prayerful support,
  •  and by making financial grants to our Mission Partners and other secular charities.
Financial Grants agreed for the following charities and which will be paid during 2019 include:
Bible Society
Feed the Minds (SPCK)
Diocese of the Free State
Barnabas Fund
Childrens Society
Church Army
Diocesan Opportunities Fund
Mission to Seafarers
Church Urban Fund
Guides and Brownies
Caritas Care (Vincent House)
Teanlowe 60+
Royal British Legion

Additionally there will be special collections including:

Remembrance Sunday for British Legion
Christingle collection for Childrens Society

Lancashire Sanctuary Homes Project
Asylum seekers can be some of the most vulnerable people in society, many of whom have escaped war, torture, persecution or imprisonment. All have left their home countries, friends, family and support systems.
When they get to the UK they face a difficult and sometimes hostile environment, in basic housing, living on less than £40 a week with no right to work and waiting anxiously and too long for a decision on their case. When a decision is taken, even if they are accepted for residence, many face short term or permanent housing difficulties or homelessness.

Lancashire Sanctuary Homes Project is run by Together Lancashire, a partnership between the Anglican and Methodist Churches and the Church Urban Fund. Its aim is to ensure there is a home for every refugee and destitute asylum seeker in the county, by partnering with Refugees at Home to build a network of homes able to host these vulnerable people. To find out more how you can help see the website or speak to Tony Raymer tel 885433 who is already
 a volunteer host.

Report from Parochial Church Council September
At our July meeting we were given information of a project in Bloemfontein, South Africa raising funds for the Mosamaria AIDS Ministry in that Diocese. The Blackburn Diocese Mosamaria Trust Fund raises funds for Orphan and Vulnerable Children/families infected/affected by HIV/AIDS. They reach over 3,000 per month and through its HIV counselling and testing services empowers over 6,000 people through an intensive HIV Treatment Literacy programme. However, the biggest problem they have is that they do not have a space to meet and sit down with each group. The clinics are unbelievably overcrowded and inadequate as far as serving the local community is concerned. They are currently promoting the building of ‘Wendy Houses’, where the people living with HIV can hold club meetings in a dignified way, with enough privacy to be able to discuss their treatment and other more personal issues around them living with HIV. The cost of a Wendy House is £1,700 and, when presented to the Church Council, it was agreed that we should as a joint parish cover the full cost. The monies were sent immediately after the meeting and subsequently we received emails expressing their thanks and appreciation. They were overwhelmed that we were willing to give them the full amount, to quote ‘this HUGE donation’.

We asked some questions which have been partially answered : How long will it take to get the money to the charity? How long will it take to build the Wendy House and be ready for use? Will there be a possibility of pictures once it has been constructed? The answers were : The monies would take about 4/5 days to reach them in Bloemfontein. The last one to be built only took about a day to erect!
The promise was that they would definitely take photos of the construction to the point of completion and then it being used, which will be immediately!

We now pass on to all our parishioners in Poulton and Carleton their immense gratitude.
More details can be gained from their website:
Dorothy Griffith
We continue to support the Food Bank in Fleetwood and are active in Christian Aid events in this area.

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