From our Mission Statement:

......Through outreach and pastoral care carry the love and knowledge of the Christ revealed in the Gospels into the wider community.

As a church fellowship we seek to serve:
  •  by way of direct involvement in local initiatives including fundraising,
  •  by informed prayerful support,
  •  and by making financial grants to our Mission Partners and other secular charities.
Financial Grants agreed for the following charities and which will be paid during 2018 include:
Bible Society
Feed the Minds (SPCK)
Diocese of the Free State
Lesotho Diocesan Association
Barnabas Fund
Childrens Society
Church Army
Diocesan Opportunities Fund
Mission to Seafarers
Church Urban Fund
Guides and Brownies
Caritas Care (Vincent House)
Teanlowe 60+
Royal British Legion

Additionally there will be special collections including:

Remembrance Sunday for British Legion
Christingle collection for Childrens Society

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