The Children’s Society
The Children’s Society is a social justice organisation and they are founded on and driven by Christian values. Last year the Society worked with over 18000 vulnerable children and young people, also their campaign wins will bring life-changing support to more than 5.6 million.

St Chad’s Church supports The Children’s Society each year with a financial grant and in addition holds an annual Christingle Service where the collection is generously donated to the work of the charity. Also there are a number of people within the St Chad’s fellowship who hold a collection box and each year the total proceeds are collected and sent to help the Society in their valuable work.

Our next box opening session will be on Wednesday 11 October in the church from 10.00am to mid-day. This further box opening event is prompted by the old 'round' pound coins ceasing to be legal tender on the 16 October. If you hold a box please come along and enjoy a brew whilst we open your box to make room for your further small change during the coming twelve months! If you don’t currently hold a box but would like one, please come along and we will be very happy to issue one. Alternatively if you are unable to ‘pop’ into the church on the 11 October or want to know more about the Society and its work have a word with Loraine, Sheila, Doreen or Richard.

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