Christian Aid

The accounts for Christian Aid have now been audited and I am pleased to report that Christian Aid Week in Poulton raised a total of £4922. 04, a splendid result. The Committee was able to add a further £400 to the amount and this has been forwarded to Christian Aid headquarters. All churches in Poulton participated in a variety of activities during the week. A new initiative this year was a stall in the Teanlowe manned each day by representatives of each of the churches, raising a total of £645.69. It was good to be able to publicise the work of Christian Aid in this way and it was interesting that a number of the public came to talk about our work and even prayed with us!

The children of St Hilda's School did their cake bake again and this proved a popular event as was the coffee morning at St Chad's School. The St Chad 's house to house collection raised over £1100, and St Martin and St Hilda over £1000. Considering the fewer collectors we now have, we did well, and grateful thanks are due to the collectors who gave their time and efforts during the week. It is recognised that this is not always an easy task, but anyone who feels able to help next year would be greatly welcomed. Thank you so much to all who contributed to this most worthwhile cause.

Tony Raymer

Starvation haunts East Africa

East Africa’s hunger crisis will reach catastrophic proportions without immediate action from the global community, Christian Aid has warned. The spectre of starvation continues to hang over some 20 million people severely short of food in parts of South Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia. This figure could rise further still, Christian Aid has said. Ethiopia’s seasonal rains have failed once again, Kenya’s were very poor, and both put yet more strain on national and international relief efforts. In Kenya and Ethiopia, livestock are dying in their thousands, leaving pastoralist families with no animals, no food, and no assets. Christian Aid is reaching tens of thousands of people with life-saving assistance, but warns that this is just the tip of the iceberg. Through local partners, Christian Aid is providing safe, clean drinking water to over 21,000 people, distributing food vouchers to 600 families, feeding hundreds of livestock owned by nearly 1,250 pastoralists, and providing support cash 1,600 families. If you can help the Christian Aid fundraising appeal for the East Africa crisis, please go to:


Christian Aid: Christmas Card Catalogues are now available, please ask Jennie Sly if you would like to see one. Orders must be with Jennie by 1st October. Thank you.

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