Christian Aid Week Sunday 14th May – Saturday 20th May
Is it that time of year again? Yes it is.

Each year we have found it increasingly more difficult to find volunteers to tackle the House to House Collection, but in spite of that we have raised more than £4,000. This year we are trying something different in addition. We are not giving up the street collection completely because it is too successful a fundraiser to abandon it.

Each church will have an allocation of envelopes and we would ask as many people as possible to volunteer to collect house to house during the week. However for those who really cannot collect, for whatever reason, there will be an opportunity for them to help. We are having a stall in the Teanlowe each day – Monday to Friday of Christian Aid Week. Each church is to be responsible for the stall for one day. St. Martin’s & St. Hilda’s will start the week on market day and St. Chad’s will cover Thursday. The stall will have Christian Aid envelopes, collecting boxes and buckets. Volunteers should work in twos or threes perhaps for an hour during the day. We hope that this will give others the opportunity to help and give the public who do not receive an envelope the opportunity to support Christian Aid.

To celebrate the work of Christian Aid during the last 60 years and to encourage us for Christian Aid Week there will be a service at St. Martin’s and St. Hilda’s Church on Sunday afternoon 7th May at 3pm. There will be an open invitation to all Christians in the town to join us, to share worship and refreshment.

Christian Aid Week culminates with the Coffee Morning on Saturday 20th May 10am – 12noon. This will be held at St. Chad’s school. Please come along to support us.
Christian Aid believes in offering people across the world a life before death and this is as much needed now as it was 60 years ago!

Christian Aid Week

* Sun. 7th May, 3pm: Service at St. Martin’s & St. Hilda’s

* 14th – 20th May: House to House Collection

*15th - 19th May: Stall in Teanlowe Centre

*Sat. 20th May, 10am – 12noon: Coffee Morning at St. Chad’s
School Hall

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