Christian Aid believes in offering people across the world a life before death and this is as much needed now as it was 60 years ago!

Poulton-le-Fylde Christian Aid Group

The group comprises volunteers representing the churches of Poulton, Carleton and Singleton. We are committed to work and pray for the elimination of poverty and its causes worldwide, the establishment of a more fair and just society, and support for those whose lives have been affected by difficulty.

The committee met on 18th June when the accounts for Christian Aid Week 2018 were presented and discussed. Jennie Sly and Tony Raymer attended on behalf of St Chads and Elizabeth Harrison represented St Hilda’s. Pauline Gibson from Singleton was unwell so could not be present.

The good news is that over £5000 can be sent to support the work of Christian Aid, which is about the same as last year. We had a stall in the Teanlowe centre throughout the week which presented the work of Christian Aid to the general public. Our coffee morning at the Methodist Church was a bit short of its usual success – unfortunately Prince Harry and Meghan decided to get married on the same day! Our house to house collections continue to decline as it is more and more difficult to find volunteers to deliver and collect the envelopes. In 2010 we had around 40 volunteers from St Chads alone, this year we were redu

to recruit 14 collectors who between them raised a magnificent £1000. Grateful thanks to all collectors who gave their time and effort during the week. It is recognised that this is not always an easy task, but anyone who feel able to help next year will be warmly welcomed.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this most worthwhile cause. To use a Christian Aid slogan – we believe in life before death.

Tony Raymer

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