•   8.00 am    Holy Communion
  • 10.00 am    Parish Communion (All Age Worship without Communion on the first Sunday of the month)
  •   6.30 pm    Evensong   (Holy Communion on the first Sunday of the month)

  • Tuesday             10.00 am           Holy Communion
  • Thursday            11.30 am           Holy Communion
  • Friday                   7.30 pm           Holy Communion
  • 1st Tuesday        10.00 am           Mothers Union Corporate Communion  


  • Matins                  8.00 am 


Anyone who would like to arrange a baptism or a wedding, or arrange for the calling of banns, is invited to come to the Church on any Tuesday evening between 6.30pm and 7.30pm when members of the clergy will be available to help with any such queries.  


Those who live within the Parish and can with integrity make the affirmations required within Baptism, may have their children baptised at St Chad’s. Baptisms are normally held in the Parish Church on the second and fourth Sunday of each month at 12.30pm.  


Those who live within the Parish, or are on the Electoral Roll of the Parish, are entitled to be married at St Chad’s.

Discover all you need to know about Church of England weddings and blessings at the following link. 


Every parishioner has the right to a service in church followed by committal.  


The clergy are most anxious to be informed when parishioners are sick so they can visit and minister to them. In cases of serious illness especially, the clergy are available at any hour of the day or night. The clergy are always willing to take Holy Communion to those prevented by illness or incapacity from attending church and none should be reluctant to request this. Anointing of the sick is also available.  


The clergy are always available to provide confidential counselling. Sacramental confession is also available if desired.

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